Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO is a fashion festival in the world’s top fashion cities twice a year with the latest collections. They occur in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Tokyo. The #AmazonFWT is hosted by the Japan Fashion Week Organisation in March and October. Let’s take a look at some of the street style and runway styles of the latest in Japanese dress.

Contrasting patterns

An attendee at Japanese fashion week wore a clown-inspired outfit in a primary colour palette on a background of black and white. These harem pants in a gingham black check pattern were paired with a check blazer with a checkered pattern in red, yellow, blue, and green stripes. The cuffs have a red stripe detail and the pockets green detailing. The yellow buttons contrast with the red buttonhole stitching. The button-up shirt underneath is pink, accessorised with a white scarf with a large black star print. He wore white Doc Martens style boots with mismatched lacing. One boot had red laces and the other blue. The outfit remains colourful but not overwhelmingly so, but do the contrasting patterns and fabric textures (stiff versus flowy) work?

Is this an outfit you’d choose?

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Camel wool coat

This outfit looks more western in its approach with a fashion week guest wearing an oversized camel wool coat with pointed lapels. Underneath he wears a black button up shirt with large buttons. He wears black trousers, aviator sunglasses, and a black hip belt bag. The sole of his trainers matches his coat. The guest has his closely cropped hair bleached white.

What do you think of this look?

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80s time travel?

This next outfit seen on a guest looks as if we could have travelled back into the 1980s. With baggy high-waisted black trousers (which appear to be all the rage now), belted at the waist, and an oversized black bomber jacket, this guest wears a plain white t-shirt with a kanji symbol written on the front. He pairs the look with 90s floppy hair and round sunglasses.

What do you think of this casual outfit?

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Robes and beards

Patterns against black and white canvasses seem to be the ‘in’ thing in Tokyo. This guest wears a taupe patterned robe, showcasing more traditional dress, paired with a white linen shirt a necklace with beads and a tassel and black trousers. He keeps the look casual with a black cap, round sunglasses as seen on the previous guest (but this time tinted yellow), and a bleached, bushy beard.

What do you think of this look with its melding of traditional dress with a more casual style?

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Tailoring seemed very popular at Tokyo Fashion Week with some traditional tailoring but in baggier cuts. Many unisex looks were popular or men accessorising with handbags and heels, for example. In these three tailored looks, all of the outfits are oversized and baggy. The three looks stick with traditional grey or black with pops of colour in the shirts and scarves. One man wears a fluffy handbag with platform shoes. Another wears heels and another has pointed toe shoes. The hairstyles differ and are all ‘edgy.’

What do you think about this Japanese take on wearing a suit?

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Some other fashion week looks

Overall, it seems like neutral colours were in—beige, camel, white, black—with pops of colour. Tailoring was in but only with modern takes and paired with accessories not often seen with suits. Patterns were in, especially check. Oversized clothing was in too. Some of the runway looks were very adventurous. What do you think?

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Feeling inspired?

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