On the last episode this month, Graham Norton welcomed a host of famous guests: Dame Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh, the stars of All Is True, world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, pink-haired Swedish actress Noomi Rapace and very tall comedian Greg Davies. Let’s take a look at some of the notable suits of the evening on The Graham Norton show from 25 January.

Kenneth Branagh

Director, producer, actor and screenwriter Kenneth Branagh appeared on the show to promote his new Shakespeare film All Is True which stars Judi Dench, and Ian McKellen. The RADA graduate has been on the acting and theatre scene since the 1980s and he’s a British classic.

There were no clips of this current episode of Branagh speaking directly. But in peripheral clips, you can see Branagh wore a single-breasted black three-button black velvet suit jacket, buttoned all the way up, a crisp white shirt, and a contrasting black silk tie. You can also see him more clearly in the clip with Anthony Joshua.

Here Branagh is in a clip where Greg Davies is sitting next to Noomi Rapace who is wearing a spectacular beige pantsuit and jumper (to contrast her pink bob) where she discusses English colloquialisms—and at the end discuss Judy Dench’s appearance in Cockney rhyming slang.

And here’s a clip of Branagh and Dench on a past episode. He’s also dressed smartly there too. Which suit of his is your favourite?

There were no clips of this current episode (except in the clip of Anthony Joshua) in which Branagh wore a single-breasted black three-button black velvet suit jacket, buttoned all the way up, a crisp white shirt, and a contrasting black silk tie.

Greg Davies

Comedian Greg Davies is known for his roles in We Are Klang, The Inbetweeners, Mock the Week, and his stand-up Live at the Apollo series. He discusses his unlikely friendship with ‘the wolf from Twilight’ (Taylor Lautner). He discussed how his sister was a fan of Taylor and he realised they’d never get to meet so he tells a story of Facetiming his sister when she was caught in an embarrassing situation.

He wore a single-breasted grey suit with notched lapels and a black shirt underneath. In the clip below, you can see his spectacular orange silk lining that contrasts well with his brown leather shoes—and striped socks.

Anthony Joshua

British professional boxer and unified world heavyweight champion (who has won three of four major boxing championships) and gold Olympic medallist, Anthony Joshua appeared on the show. He has won all 22 of his fights—all but one by knockout.

Norton notes that Joshua beat Greg Davies at boxing last time they were on the show together. To which Davis responded, ‘Isn’t it weird that the heavyweight champion of the world would beat a biscuit-eating comedian?’ Norton had them go head to head for another strength-test challenge. Take a look at the clip. (Dame Judy Dench makes an appearance too.)

For his late January appearance, Joshua wore a beige single-breasted jacket with notched lapels to complete his pantsuit with a crisp white shirt underneath. He wore his hair closely cropped with a beard. He discussed trying to obtain a fifth championship belt by challenging Deontay Wilder.

Which outfit was your favourite?

Which of these suits was your favourite? Would you go for black velvet, a classic grey, or a summery beige? If you want a sleek, custom suit for your upcoming event, contact our tailoring team today. Custom looks can make anyone feel confident and suave.

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