We last wrote about the Graham Norton show in October. As you can see, we’ve been very busy on the blog writing about the ins and outs of suit buying—from the hottest trends to the best fabric choices out there—but we thought we’d do a November roundup. Have you been watching the show and keeping up with the fabulous suits the guests have been wearing? We certainly have. Without further ado, here’s out Graham Norton Show November roundup.

Stephen Fry, Joe Lycett, and Nicole Kidman

Comedian, actor, writer, polymath and Cambridge alum Stephen Fry was on the show for Episode 8 which aired on the 23 November promoting his book Heroes. Sitting alongside, Nicole Kidman he chose a mismatched three piece suit. Opting for a dark grey notched lapel single-breasted suit jacket and with matching trousers. Underneath he wore a tweed check dark grey wool single-breasted waistcoat. He added interest with his pink button-up cotton shirt underneath.

Nicole Kidman is in awe of Fry’s intelligence. (Don’t worry, we all are!) She is also wearing a three-piece black tuxedo with a black silk tie which contrast with her long golden locks. To Fry’s other side comedian Joe Lycett wears black trousers and a plain black t-shirt with an eye-catching rose-patterned suit jacket.

Kurt Russell and Claire Foy

Kurt Russell, actor and long-time partner of Goldie Hawn, appeared on Episode 6 of the show. He discussed his dual Hollywood walk of fame star with Goldie as well as an interesting story of their first date. He appears on the show to promote his new film The Christmas Chronicles. He wears dark-wash jeans with a black button-up shirt with a subtle pattern. He wears black slip-on leather shoes.

His dark, single-breasted jacket has notched lapels, button details on the cuff and a poppy pin in his lapel to add interest. His long hair is casually back and he wears black rimmed glasses. This look is smart and casual at the same time.

Kurt also discusses Claire Foy’s snake transfer tattoo on the set of her new film, The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Kurt says that in the past he had a big tattoo that was hand-drawn on the set of his film since technology wasn’t as sophisticated.He also made Claire giddy when he notes that he and Goldie were huge fans of her performance in the Netflix series The Crown and how it won’t be the same with new actors in the next few seasons.

Carey Mulligan, Michael Buble, and Taron Egerton

Actress Carey Mulligan muses about attending the Royal Wedding for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Mulligan is a versatile British actress who grew up in Germany. She is best known for An Education, Suffragette, Drive, and the Leonardo DiCaprio remake of The Great Gatsby.

On the show she wore close fitting black trousers with a slight flair, a black button up shirt, and a black single-breasted jacket with slightly pointed lapels with a rounded edge on the lower lapel and a gold embroidered detail all along the collar. The look is striking along with her poppy pin and casual wavy hair.

Her couch mates singer Michael Buble and actor Taron Egerton are wearing equally monochromatic looks. Buble wears a dark single breasted suit with a shirt and tie in the same colour palette and Egerton wears a black velvet single-breasted suit with a contrasting t-shirt in a lighter shade of black topped with a hat and black combat boots. Egerton came on the show to promote his role playing Elton John in his upcoming film, Rocketman. He discusses how Elton John gave him his first ever diamond earring as a present.

Which November guest outfit took your fancy?

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