Italy is known for many of its fashion powerhouses like Gucci and Prada and its chic up-and-coming designers like Attico. But off the runway, Italians are also known for their sleek style; we have an ‘Italian’ cut suit and an ‘English’ cut suit after all with the Italian cut having a more fitted, tailored look that nips close to the body and, by contrast, the English suit having more room. The spring 2019 runways showcased some wonderful styles, but let’s take a look at those in attendance. Here are the Italian style on-the-street trends.

Plaid and prints

Many of the guests during Milan’s fashion week last month rocked tailed prints. This woman wears a plaid blazer/button up with a leather belt, knee-high boots, a briefcase, and a casual t-shirt.

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Another stylish woman wears a long, midi-length wrap dress with a print on a white background. She wears oversized sunglasses and a red coat. The thin straps of her sandals and the dress’ print showcase spring.

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Lisa Hahnbueck, a German lifestyle blogger, is seen wearing Versace print trousers with a cropped cardigan with a see-through handbag with a large belt fastening detail. She wears pointed toe heels that are cut high on the foot, a recent trend too.

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1940s hair and tailored looks

Model Zhenya Katava wears a dark denim skirt (hark back to the 2000s?), a Chanel handbag, a see-through black turtleneck jumper (showcased on the fall runway), a tailored wool overcoat, dark red lipstick, and 1940s waves, which scream ‘Hollywood starlet’ of years past. This trend showcases hair longer than the original 40s hairstyle but looks glamourous and chic.

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Another model showcases the same look. The 1940s hair. The bright red lipstick. The tailored dark denim. And a tailored plaid jacket (harking to the first trend discussed). Plaid is very big this year! Her undershirt is a peachy orange colour, unbuttoned, and the look is finished with black leather boots. Comfortable footwear has made its fashion statement (at last).

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Actress Abigail Cowen almost has the 40s look too (with a little more curl) at the end. She has the tailored outfit, the see-through shirt, yet opts for a subtle makeup palette in complimentary browns.

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Animal prints

Leopard print has been seen on the fall runways and it shows no sign of going out of style, which is great news for anyone who has re-added these prints to their wardrobe.

In the first look, model Chiara Corridori opts for a bold all-black look with chunky combat boot heels, a black top, and a leopard print coat, and don’t forget the red lipstick!

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Another man gets a leopard print bomber jacket, pairs it with a groomed beard and hairstyle, and some sunglasses.

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Fashion blogger Vanessa Hong wears her tailored suit underneath a faux fur version of the print. But, like in some of the other tailored looks, she wears a casual t-shirt underneath and adds a chain accessory with a disc. Oh, and sunglasses!

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Leopard isn’t the only print in town. Filipino blogger Liz Uy wears a snake print suit with a bright blue jacket on top as well as white pointed toe leather boots.

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Another guest wears a snakeskin overcoat with a tailored red jumpsuit underneath. She wears sunglasses, pointed toe flats, and tights.

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90s men’s looks

If you want to look like you came out of a Guy Ritchie film or just woke up, you’re in luck. It appears that a more tailored-yet-grungy 90s men’s fashion look is back.

Italian singer-songwriter Motta wears his hair long and flowy with a velvet blazer with pointed lapels and opts for a button-up plaid shirt (on trend) and a chain necklace (on trend again).

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Check out Motta on the front row of the Gucci show.

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Another musical artist, Italian rapper Ghemon arrives at the Ferragamo show looking as if he stepped out of another decade—the bleached cropped locks, the chains, the round sunglasses (not shown in this picture), it could have been the 90s. This all-red ensemble with leather collar meets the recent trend of mixed fabrics.

Man bags

Besides rocking the recent trend of a colour palette based on browns and the new baggier trouser trend, Oliver Webber is seen with a Fendi bag, which appears to be a ‘thing’ at Milan fashion week.

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Another guest wears a belt bag, which is kind of like a bum bag/fanny pack worn over the shoulder and was a large trend all last year too. This man mixes his styles of clothing too (another trend) with a hoodie and a mismatched overcoat.

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Fashion blogger Marcel Floruss wears a Fendi rain jacket and bag with brown trousers with embellished pockets. His round sunglasses hark to the past (the not so distant 90s) and the round neck button shirt with subtle stripes is on trend for contrasting prints.

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Marc Forne opts for a plaid raincoat (another trend) and another Fendi bag; this time in red. He wears sand-coloured trousers (another trend).

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A sleek Indiana Jones look? Another guest wears an olive coat that’s half tailored half button up shirt with a belt wrapped around his waist. He wears brown trousers, a dark brown hat, and a black leather bag. The emoji on the pocket adds an interesting detail as do the round sunglasses, which are also a ‘thing’ this year.

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Do you see yourself imitating any of these new Italian styles?

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