Even though the six-episode drama series starring Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes ended week before last, people are still talking about the hit show. The show follows Sergeant David Budd, an Afghani war veteran and Protection Command bodyguard, who is hired to protect the Conservative MP, the Home Secretary Julia Montague played by Keeley Hawes. The plot is twisting and complex, but you won’t be disappointed. Although we’ve loved the show for its excellent suit display. Take a look at our picks for the best suits in Bodyguard.

Black Business Suit versus Grey Business Suit

When we first see the character of David Budd, he is business-like and professional to a tee. He wears a perfectly tailored black wool business suit with black tie, button-down collars on his grey cotton button-down shirt. His hair is slick back on top, longer in style with short cropped sides. Pause the video at 1:09.

His character starts to loosen up at 2:16 when Chanel spills a drink on the Home Secretary and Budd undresses to offer her his crisp white button-up shirt. This time he wears a grey single-breasted suit with notched lapels. His hair seems curler and less slicked back as he displays a slightly more emotional connection with Julia.

Never-ending Navy

Julia Montague loves a bit of navy blue. At 0:05 in the official trailer, she can be seen wearing a navy blue pantsuit with an all-the-way buttoned up collar, wearing very-popular-this-season a burnt orange button up. The buttoned-up look of her character mirrors the character’s inner life: secretive, private. And her suits change as the character arc unfolds. At 0:07, she wears the same navy suit with Budd’s white button-up underneath. As she gives her final speech on stage at 0:14, she is seen in a looser navy suit. Do you agree with this interpretation? Which of Montague’s power looks was your favourite?

The Graphic Car Scene

During the harrowing car scene in which a sniper attempts to murder the Home Secretary, Julia can be seen wearing a light grey coloured pantsuit with a grey-green t-shirt underneath. Pause at 0:04 to get a look at the stitching detail on the lapels. (Be warned that the next few seconds are graphic if you haven’t seen this show before.) At 0:12, David can be seen wearing his business-like black suit again, but this time the tie is slightly loosened. He sits in the car with his button undone (as is customary) and his hair is more relaxed than in earlier scenes and the top appears to have been cut more closely. The fabric on Julia’s suit has a wonderful subtle waffle-like texture at 1:18 (be careful if you pause to note the suit is covered in blood at this point). The jacket is cut long and the trousers are slim fitting; the suit looks excellent on her.

Next time you watch (or re-watch the series), take notes of the suits that appear in the show (it’s full of them). Nearly every character wears a suit of some kind and they’re all impeccably made. What did you think of this series? Do you hope we’ll see another season?

Which suit did you like best? Are there any we missed?

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