As Tom Ford would say, ‘Dressing well is a form of good manners.’ You want to show the world your best self, and that’s especially true when it comes to tailoring. There are many reasons to add a new custom suit into your wardrobe this season. Here’s why it’s out with the old and in with the new: reasons to buy a new custom suit this year.

1        Stay on trend

When you order a custom-cut suit, you can ensure that you’ll always be in style and on trend. Of course, the term ‘on trend’ can be misleading. A classic suit is always something timeless, but if you want to follow the latest trends you can pair your classic suit with trainers and a t-shirt. We’d generally advise against using psychedelic or glitter fabrics (for men or women) even if they are seen on the latest runways. (Unless, you know, you really, really want a suit in some attention-grabbing fabrics, of course.

You have input with the way you want your suit to look so we can recommend classic cuts, fits, and fabrics that will always be in style. Then, we can discuss individual styling which can render any suit ‘on trend’ such as adding pocket squares, hats, cravats, the latest tie styles and so on. You can style the same suit at least ten different ways to create unique looks every time. But you need the perfect foundation first.

2        Have the perfect fit

When you buy your custom suit this year, you just know you’ll have the perfect fit. Discuss with your specific tailor how you want your suit to be cut. Traditional British tailors tend to cut with larger allowances and heavier fabrics to create a smoother drape. English tailors often have a lower gorge line too (the seam where the collar and lapel meet) and that provides more overall structure to the jacket—such as a stiffer chest canvass and thicker shoulder pads. However, if a suit cut a-la the Italians is more what you have in mind, discuss your options. Italian tailors often use lighter weight cloth and have a closer cut to the body. The gorge tends also to be higher with a more flexible tailoring so the shoulders are softer with less padding. Your tailor can recommend to you which style will suit you best. Either way, with a custom piece you can have the fit, cut, and drape to make you look a million bucks.

Ivan, the male mannequin, sporting a half inner canvas, created from Italian horse hair, which affords the perfect shape across the chest

3        Enjoy premium quality

As stated before, whenever you have your suit made just for you, you can expect only the best, premium quality. Off-the-rack suits from the high street are made for the masses. When you go custom, you can choose the exact fabric, the exact interior lining, the fit, the style, the weight, everything. You also enjoy better quality stitching which means it will last you a lifetime—even if we think it’s best to refresh your wardrobe from time to time.

4        Highlight your individual style

With a custom, bespoke suit you can choose custom elements to highlight your individual style. You can control the colour of your suit, the collar design (conventional point, spread, button-down, pin collar, or tab collar), your cuff shape (squared or rounded corners), your pocket shape (chest pockets, inner pockets, lower pockets), and even stripes (stripes down the trouser leg and even on the jacket, for example). Your tailor can show you the myriad of custom options to showcase what matters to you and give you your best look.

5        Choose longer-lasting pieces

Custom quality lasts longer. That’s a fact. When you buy cheap you buy twice. You can keep your custom pieces for much longer. For example, many bespoke tailored garments are sewn with French seams, which allow for security and durability and also stops threads from getting caught or damaged. It also gives the garment a cleaner, finished look.

Custom suiting also includes gussets which means that there are materials inserted at stress points like the lower side seams. These gussets lessen the stress applied to those seams which means you won’t have your trousers splitting during an important meeting.

6        Enable faster repeat orders

Another bonus of ordering your custom garment is that tailors keep your measurements on file, making repeat orders much faster. You can then just choose all of your custom elements and your suit will be made to order.

Need to order your custom suit?

Having the perfect tailored suit is a must-have for any wardrobe. It’s a piece that can see you through to any dinner party, event, wedding, christening, or boardroom meeting. We create custom looks that will allow you to look your best.

Get in touch with our speciality tailoring team today. We’ll help you select the perfect suit to suit your personality, your body, and your style.

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