Milan Fashion Week ran from Tuesday, 17 September to Monday, 23 September. Milan is the third of the big four fashion weeks, ending with Paris Fashion Week, which ended last week. Now that we’ve had time to process, let’s take a look at the trends that have emerged during Milan Fashion Week: men’s runway looks.


Fendi collaborated with Luca Guadagnino. The colour scheme was neutrals and greens, traditional fall colours, with new prints which are plant, garden, and military-inspired looks, with punches of lemon-y yellow.

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Zenga went more classic with many all-grey business looks. He had grey patterned ties, grey jumpers, grey overcoats, grey tailored trousers, simple button-up shirts, great blazers and two-piece suits. The runway looked very 1950s businessman-chic with the models having slicked-back combed hair.

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Stella McCartney

McCartney debuted her ‘Force of Nature’ collection, which was less runway-style and more the thirty-six models mingling with the crowd, carrying slogans like ‘We are entirely free to live our lives differently’ and wearing animal prints and camouflage print. McCartney’s collection showcases print-on-print fashion, monochromatic, matching looks for men this season. the colour palette is limited mostly to neutrals.

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In a complete deviation from the traditional ‘Autumn colours’, Versace debuted more pop-art and punk looks in bright colours and varying patterns.

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Marni is taking a leaf from the Versace book and going full-on colourful for Autumn. Surprising tailoring styles with mismatching patterns are in as well as big, warm-looking puffer jackets, ready for winter.

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The Etro runway show was a mix of high-end tailoring with distinctively 1960s and hippy vibes. The colour palette was more neutral such as browns, creams, and golds with pops of colour, such as rich burgundy and green velvets. The tailoring details and two-piece and three-piece suits were on point. 

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The takeaways

The overall feel of fashion week this Autumn is that tailoring is still in (great news for us) and you can either tone down with classic neutrals or keep those pops of colour that have been on-trend for a few seasons. Fashion is freer than ever with individual style reigning supreme. The overall vibe is that men can dress in ways that make them feel comfortable, happy, and stylish. Discover your perfect style with custom-tailoring.

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