In March in Australia, there were two recent fashion events: The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia Resort 20 Collections Schedule Launch in Sydney and The Melbourne Fashion Festival. These cities may only be 500 miles apart but the fashion looks seem even further apart. Let’s take a look at some fashion similarities of Australian attire: the hot new trends from down under.

Slip Dresses

At the Mercedes Benz show in Sydney, many guests wore slip dresses (or even slip-style jumpsuits). This trend seems to have been borrowed from the 90s with an update on fabric colours and textures and better hair styling.

Instagram influencer, fashion, lifestyle, and travel writer, Tanja Gacic, attended wearing a slinky see-through sparkly silver-red slip dress paired with a red bra and matching red handbag. Always one for details she made sure to pair those accessories with red earrings and a red lip. The dress is floor-length and she also added some red platform strappy heels to finish the look.

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IMG model Helen Bouchard continued the look with a burgundy and black colour-block midi-length slip dress. This model went for a more laid back look with a brown leather satchel, gold sandals, and gold earrings. She made the look that can go from the beach to black tie! She wore simple makeup with a hint of white eyeliner to brighten her eyes.

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Finally, another IMG model Matilda Dods channelled the 1920s and Betty Boop in this brown silky slip-style jumpsuit. Her hair was curled in waves Gatsby-style and she wore menswear-inspired black leather pointed toe brogues. The drape of the jumpsuit’s trousers also feels like menswear yet the top is delicate and flowing, especially with the longer fabric detail at the back.

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Bright Colours and Sparkle

In Sydney, bright colours and sparkle are in. From bold reds to yellows and more, flaunting colour and vivacity is fashionable as are sparkles and sequins. Would you wear any of these looks?

We already had a red look with Tanja but another two guests opted for this bright, fiery colour too. The first was Australian reporter and television presenter of Studio 10, Angela Bishop. Angela wore a flouncy red and sequin floral V-neck short wrap-like dress with a belted tie and bell sleeves. The sequins shone reddish-pink and she paired the look with hot-pink nails, big hoop earrings, and classic nude pointed toe heels.

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IMG model and actress Caroline Lowe also opts for a midi-length dress. Then she combines a Japanese-inspired floral fabric with high-neck in bright red, pink, black, and white with a 1920s inspired sleeve and dress cut. She pairs with a classic Chanel handbag and 90s-inspired two-strap heels. She finishes the look with dangly, subtle earrings and a bar ring.

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Finally, Australian IMG model Sarah Helen takes a leaf from Ang with the sparkles! She wears a very mini-blue/black sequin dress with a high neck and high shoulder detailing. She pairs her dress with a Prada bag with gold hardware and bright silver pointed-toe stilettos.

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Thankfully the tailoring trend is here to stay especially the popularity of women’s suits. From single-breasted to double-breasted, high waisted slacks or fitting snug on the hips, slim fitting or baggy, any suit goes as long as it’s fashionably accessorised and worn. What do you think of these sleek tailored looks?

Former Miss World Australia and Australian singer, TV Host, model, dancer and charity worker, Erin Holland attended the fashion show wearing a wrap-style- red tailored suit-dress which looked amazing.

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Instagram influencers and power couple Amy Maree Castano and Jono Castano attended both wearing tailored trousers. Amy’s mid-waist black trousers had a slit at the bottom of the leg and Jono opted for cropped capris pant-style plaid trousers and a white button up shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. Amy finished the look with a tailored black silk blouse.

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Stylist, writer, producer, and creative director Brooke Testoni also wore a tailored suit-jacket dress in tan with pointed sleeves with button detail and pointed lapels (all very 70s) and an off-centre button closure at the front. It appears the suit-dress may be a two-piece with a skirt underneath and a black shirt to finish the look.

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Aje fashion designers Edwina Robinson and Adrian Norris both wore stylish tailored looks. Men’s cropped suit trousers seem to be the ‘in’ style in Australia. Adrian wore black cropped trousers with a black t-shirt and plain black trainers. Edwina wore tailored trousers with eyelet details at the hem and strappy stilettos with a wrap-style tailored jacket with ruched sleeves in black.

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TV host, journalist, presenter, MC, and voice artist Abbey Gelmi wore a fabulous grey plaid double-breasted suit jacket paired with grey rolled up denim and white pointed toe shoes. The brass button detail that starts after her natural waist adds detail as does the wide notched lapel. This look is a great one to look stylish yet remain comfortable.

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Here are some other tailored looks that guests wore. Which of these looks is your favourite?

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In Melbourne some colour schemes may not be so bright. These models show more monochrome looks and some add some pattern and texture. Would you wear any of these looks? It’s good for those who like to wear black all year-round.

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Runway looks in Sydney

Take a look at some of the varied runway looks in Sydney.

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Runway looks in Melbourne

What do you think of these runway looks from Melbourne?

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What did you think of these looks?

Will Australia be your fashion go-to? Did you get any inspiration from these looks? Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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