Booking In

Book a consultation with the team

The online appointment booking system is the easiest and fastest way to book an appointment. Just select the date, time & location that works best for you.

We offer a free 1 hour consultation (a chat & a coffee to see if we can help).

If you would like to book a same day appointment or your desired appointment slot is not available, please contact the team directly on

Birmingham 0121 368 1052

Belfast 028 956 80181

International +44(0)800 0148149

The Style Consultation

We offer a free professional style check over

Because our working lives have got extremely busy & hectic and every now and again you need to see an expert in their field to make sure you’re looking your best.
The human body is unique not only in shape but colour too, our style experts can recommend & help you look & feel 100% comfortable with your future style.Have you ever wondered what colours best suit you? Well we stock only the finest of cloths and colour tones from around the world, let our style experts help you.
We also offer Wedding Style Consultations for Gentlemen & Ladies


Creation & Design

Our style experts are here to help & guide you through your bespoke garment design

We follow the old traditions of reserving cloth & having your unique body profile & pattern cut.Each bespoke piece we make for our clients is individually designed with plenty of extra details. Our team will guide you through the design process and help you personalize each piece to ensure it meets your personal taste.


Your Measurements

A well fitting bespoke garment is the perfect combination of fit and personal preference

During your measurement session, we will take over 30 measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Constructing the fit of your garment is a dialogue between you and your tailor.
Each of our expert consultants have years of tailoring experience and an in-depth knowledge of pattern making and clothing construction.After you have been measured your garment technical specifications and style details are sent to our team of manufacturers and production begins within 24 hours. Every pattern is hand drawn & cut for each and every client – no template pattern is ever used. This simply means you are able to fully customize your fit, your style and your design and we can replicate that design whenever you wish.

The Fitting

Your bespoke garment is ready for pickup in 8 weeks*

We are able to fast track your bespoke items in as little as 4 weeks* cutting

*If cutting availability allows.

Once your custom bespoke order arrives we will arrange a fitting appointment with you so we can review the fit of your new bespoke garment(s) with you. Any further tailoring adjustments are done onsite or locally and are turned around swiftly.
You really shouldn’t have to wait to wear your new bespoke garment(s).

*We do offer fast track cutting periods throughout the year of 4 weeks when availability allows, but these do carry an additional fee. Please refer to our terms & conditions for further information.

Your Final Fitting

It’s time to take your custom bespoke masterpiece home

It’s true there is no better feeling than going bespoke, having something that’s made just for you, designed to your unique body pattern and requirements with a little help from us of course! A garment should never wear you, you should wear a garment and enjoy the feel and compliments that a bespoke garment affords you. You will never shop off the peg again.