Paris Fashion Week ends the big four fashion weeks each season. Each year high-end fashion powerhouses such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Céline host shows in historical sights such as the Carrousel du Louvre and the Grand Palais. This year Chanel held its fashion show at the Grand Palis on a built stage of stairs, designed to represent the rooftops of Paris and Louis Vuitton showcased its collection in the Louvre. Let’s take a look at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 women’s fashion roundup.


Black, green, grey, pink, and white appeared the be the colours of the season at the Chanel Fall/Winter 2020 show. There were loose dresses, structured suits, structured coats, some knits, some blouses, and even some horse riding hats! The signature Chanel twin sets are back in different fabrics and the fashion house seems to have a penchant for newly designed gaucho-style pants that are split up the sides and feature prominent gold buttons just past the knee.

Big buttons seem to be a feature this season on their jackets–both single and double-breasted–and on their skirts, trousers, and shoulder boards.

Enamelled jewelled belts and necklaces are in too in multi-colours with a splash of pearl. Structured shoulders and flowing, puffy sleeves also seem to be in this season. There are some elegant looks on-trend, but some that are more forgettable. Which of these looks did you love?

Louis Vuitton

The elaborate stage in the Louvre had a good amount of drama with a background of fashion over the centuries and a soundtrack of classical music. Some of the fashions were a little futuristic, with a pairing of striped tailored trousers and a neon and grey hiking multi-pocket jacket. The colour palette was more neutral in tone with some jewelled gold and green accents. One dress featured a futuristic bodice paired with a ballerina-style skirt with lots of ruffles. 

Metallic and sequined fabrics were in along with the drama of leather, embroidery, and ruffles–and some structured coats that looked like a conquistador outfit. There were some nice tweed blazers in light wool fabrics. Some of the looks were daring and others not as much. Which looks did you love?


The Dior collection opened with a tailored black suit and flared trousers that were cut a little high and moved through to a sleek tailored jumpsuit with a zip and a fitted bandana. Some of the fabrics and styles harked back to the past in the 70s and 90s. The fabrics were mostly neutrals with tweeds, plaids, and plain wool in greens, greys, whites, and the odd accent of orange. Some standout pieces included a couple of dresses with fringes for skirts and more structured longer neutral dresses. Many of Dior’s pieces this season are tailored and structured with the odd flair. Which look did you love best? 

Which design did you love and which collection did you loathe?

We’d love to know your Fashion Week opinion. Did we miss something? Was there a collection you’d like us to showcase?

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