The 73rd British Academy of Film and Television Arts (or BAFTAs) Awards ceremony took place on Sunday, 2 February at The Royal Albert Hall in London with Graham Norton as host. The BAFTAs are an independent charity whose aim is to support, develop, and promote the art via moving images (film, television, and games) in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, this year, celebrities were asked to support sustainable fashion choices, asking many celebrities to re-wear outfits from their past, use sustainable fashion brands, or wear a vintage outfit. Thus, reducing their environmental impact. 

Let’s take a look at the BAFTAs best-dressed men. 

Graham Norton

Graham Norton, who is usually stylish for his Friday night show, didn’t disappoint with a red velvet blazer with floral embroidery detailing. He kept the blazer as the main focus with a monochromatic black look underneath with a black button-up shirt, black tailored trousers, and black shoes.

Here’s Graham’s opening monologue.

The Duke of Cambridge

Prince William wore a black tuxedo with contrasting silk pointed lapels. He wore a classic white button-up shirt, black bow tie, and black leather shoes.

Here’s a clip of his speech.

Alex Wolff

 American actor, director, writer, and musician, Alex Wolff, wore a showstopping three-piece single-breasted Joshua Kane suit. The green shiny silk fabric had floral detailing reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He wore a white button-up shirt and tie and the waistcoat had a unique high-neck. He finished the look with black leather shoes.

Here’s a short interview where he talks about a film he directed The Cat and the Moon and his upcoming Jumanji film. 

Anthony Welsh

The British actor Anthony Welsh wore a classic Stella McCartney black tux with a twist. The single button detailing on the blazer is off-centre. He wore black tailored trousers, black leather shoes with buckle detailing, a white pocket square, a classic black bow tie, and an earring accessory.

He is cheery at his interview where he talks about presenting an award.

John Boyega

The Star Wars actor John Boyega wore a smart red jacquard silk fabric single-breasted suit. His blazer had flapped pockets, shawl lapels, and black contrasting buttons on the sleeves. He wore a white tuxedo shirt with tuxedo button covers and fashionable velvet loafers. 

Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant wore a smart three-piece tuxedo with a white shirt with hidden buttons and a classic black bow tie. He wore detailing on the pocket, a special watch, and a gold heel on his black leather shoe.

Richard talks about how he’s presenting the best supporting female actor.

Rafferty Law

Jude Law’s son, Rafferty Law, wore a similar look to Richard E. Grant. He wore a three-piece suit with shawl lapels on his single-breasted blazer and double-breasted waistcoat. He wore black shiny leather shoes.

Watch his red carpet appearance 30 seconds in.

Andrew Scott

Irish actor Andrew Scott wore a Paul Smith suit, consisting of a velvet green 70s-inspired blazer with contrasting pointed lapels and high-waisted brown tailored trousers with a long waistband, like a cummerbund. He wore a classic tuxedo shirt in a light grey and a black bow tie. He finished the look with black leather shoes.

Joaquin Phoenix

Actor Joaquin Phoenix is wearing his custom Stella McCartney tuxedo again this awards season. He was on board with sustainable fashion even before the BAFTAs. He looks suave in the shawl lapel tuxedo, crisp button-up, black bow tie, and black leather shoes.

Joaquin won the Leading Actor BAFTA for Joker.

What was your favourite look of the night?

Let us know in the comments which of these fashionable men was your favourite. Did we leave out any of your favourite looks?

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