Berlin Fashion Week (or Berliner Modewoche) doesn’t happen until July 1st to the 6th this year, but that doesn’t mean the city street style doesn’t reveal trends. Here are some German go-tos: the fashion tips from Deutschland to get your ready for fashion week.

These style tips are based on looks seen on Germany fashionista and chic style icon Sonia Lyson.

Cape-style jackets

In the first look, Sonia wears beige Massimo Dutti tailored trousers, an Uterque leather cape (the main event), an &other stories plan white t-shirt, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, and finishes the look with a black Dior bag. The leather cape has snap button detailing all the way down. The light colour palette underneath allows the cape to be the main event. The sunglass shape, the strappy stilettos, the handbag, all in black, allow the look to seem polished and stylish.

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Bright tailoring

Sonia wears an oversized bright navy blue Lala Berlin suit. She rolls the cuffs up and the pant hem stitching is visible. The leg is cut slightly short—intentionally. This hue of blue is everywhere this year. It’s a very popular tailoring colour. We wonder if it’s here to stay. Either way, it’s in fashion now!

She re-wears her &other stories white t-shirt and she pairs the suit with comfortable Chanel sneakers. She adds another pop of colour with her Boyy x Luisa Via Roma handbag.

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Sonia isn’t the only Berlin fashionista wearing bright tailoring. Check out some of these other looks.

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Loud colours

Sonia wears an orange Strenese ribbed turtleneck jumper with interesting cut-out see-through details at the collar and cuffs, Weekend Max Mara trousers in bright yellow with a fabulous print consisting of flowers and furniture, Jimmy Choos sunglasses, a Zara hair clip, and a Mon tresor bucket bag in oranges and pinks.

These citrus-inspired bright colours are clearly fashionable and it’s also okay to pair these individual colours with equally bright pairings. In the past, you’d tone down a bright top with a neutral, but not anymore! Sonia pairs her cropped pants with comfortable trainers again.

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Sonia is no stranger to bright looks. Here are some of her most recent looks with great use of colour.

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Hippie-style 1970s dresses

In this look, Sonia pairs a patchwork flowing Sandro dress with a contrasting print upper half and a neutral Dior handbag and neutral Dior slingback pumps. This look is perfect for Spring. The bottom of the dress, the bag, and the pumps all match well to make the look cohesive. Sonia’s styling masters this ‘pairing’ technique by keeping a consistent colour throughout to make any look ‘match.’

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The final look to discuss is the jumpsuit. It has been fashionable again for years now after disappearing for a while. Sonia wears a grey Max Mara jumpsuit. The look resembles tailoring with a grey weave pattern and notched lapels and a contrasting black button detail on the sleeve. The trousers are again cropped. She wears strappy black Zara heels. This time, with her handbag, she takes the complementary colours of purple, blue, and yellow to add a bright pop of colour with this Boyy x Luisa Via Roma bag. Never without sunglasses, she adds some Zara sunglasses, combining high end with high street.

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Here are some other looks this season where the jumpsuit reigns supreme.

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The takeaways

Fashion this year has gone into past decades hyperdrive. Anything goes! Want to wear your trainers and a t-shirt under your suit? Go for it. Want to channel the 1920s, the 1970s, or the 1990s? Also still in fashion. Whatever you can dream up, put together, and think of is in, especially looking to the past for inspiration.

What do you think of these German trends?

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