Neither Dublin nor Belfast have any specific ‘fashion’ events in the city, which is such a shame for such beautiful locales; however, Ireland has plenty of top Instagram influencers that provide lots of street-style fashion to keep you up to date on Irish trends. Let’s take a look at the Irish trends: get fashion inspired by these lovely ladies.

Georgia Penna

Georgia is married to millionaire Joe Penna and welcomed twins in 2016. Georgia’s fashion look often consists of dressed up fitted jeans and t-shirt looks. She pairs jeans with stylish heels or trainers.

Next, she has flowy-dress looks that are on trend right now.

Finally, many of her looks include short skirts or shorts, which are perfect for running after two young boys.

The Irish native is often seen in exotic locales as the Irish couple currently live in Dubai but visit Dublin often so their children can see their grandparents.

Chloe Boucher

Chloe is a makeup guru who started to become internet famous in her early 20s. She now collaborates with beauty products and brands in lucrative beauty deals.

Like Georgia, Chloe loves flowing dresses which are in style. She pairs her looks with handbags, jackets, white trainers, and flowing tresses.

She pairs her jeans looks with baggy jumpers in neutral colours that look comfortable yet polished.

For more dressed-up days and nights out, Chloe likes to wear jumpsuits, which also follow current trends.

Pippa O’Connor Ormond

Pippa or ‘Pipsy Pie’ on Instagram is an Irish model who transitioned to Instagram influencer. She is the mother of two and is married to former TV presenter Brian Ormond. She has launched her own denim range and hosts Fashion Factories.

Like Chloe and Georgia, Pippa opts for fashionable flowy print dresses.

Pippa’s everyday looks a little more glam with lots of evening wear on display.

She even follows some other trends popular in the US and around the UK right now—the red suit.

Anouska Proetta Bandon

Self-proclaimed half Irish and quarter Spanish and Austrian photographer, Anouska, has a specific style aesthetic on her stunning Instagram feed.

Although Anouska is often seen merely in underwear or swimsuits on her Instagram page, when she does photograph her OOTD, she often opts for subtle, stylish neutrals, monochromes, and casual looks.

Occasionally, she’ll add a pop of colour.

The Takeaways

Overall, there aren’t any direct threads in ‘Irish’ trends. Many women in the US and the UK seem to opt for more tailored looks, but many in the Instagram world opt for jeans and athleisure. The jumpsuit and dress trend is here to stay as are flawless made-up faces and a strong lip colour.

Do you follow any Instagram influencers?

It seems that influencers and celebrities have direct access to let people know what’s in fashion without having the fashion industry specifically dictate the trends. Did you find anything inspiring from these women or these outfits?

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