The fashions during Beijing’s fashion week did not disappoint. It was one of the most adventurous fashion weeks seen this season. Many of the trends hark to past traditions, but the style is exquisite and sleek. It looks like the West has a lot to live up to. Here are the latest trends in Chinese attire.

Zorro-inspired tailoring

Tailoring has been big in the past year and it looks like it’s here to stay. Whilst Western tailoring has been colourful and oversized, Chinese tailoring looks sleek and harks to a past with a dark colour palette. Here we see some Zorro-inspired looks with these popular flat-top black felt hats and suits that come with capes.

The first model wears a long overcoat, leather trousers, boots, a breastplate (to protect his baby?) and animal print detailing on the shoulders of his cape.

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Another model wears another similar hat, bright red lipstick, her dress is half wrap dress half sleek fitted dress with single-breasted buttons and a turned down collar. She wears black leather pointed toe ankle boots. She also wears a chain-mail inspired structured cropped blazer in stunning back and silver with cuff detailing.

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A third model has the same style hat, similar buttons to the second model’s dress, but this time a deconstructed blazer in velvet with leather detailing. There’s almost a Spanish-style conquistador vibe in the detailed diamond stripes down the arms of the blazer. The look is paired with a type of sleek fabric cargo short and black trousers underneath and the same open black boots seen on the first model. This look is more adventurous but the elements of style are still present.

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The last three models’ looks continue in these veins. Round or V-neck collars, broad, stiff shoulder structure, sleek versus puffy sleeves, black boots. The last look with the pink velvet fabric and detailing on the matching tailoring harks again to a Spanish-inspired past.

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A blast to the past

These next looks are wildly different but all see visions of past fashion eras with modern updates. We may be in the 1890s seeing a ball gown or the 1940s with a more structured outfit (with features) or in China of an ancient era. The craftsmanship and elegance of these designs are evident.

Check out these looks.

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Denim explosion

Although denim originated in Nîmes, France, the Beijing runway has embraced it wholeheartedly this year. We see a denim corset, high-waisted belted acid-wash jeans, a cropped jacket with tassels and detailing, and maybe even denim topped boots in the first model’s look. She also wears a more traditional Chinese/Vietnamese hat called a dǒulì.

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The second look sees skinny acid wash jeans, a long coat with cut-out details in the sleeves, and a button-up denim crop top. This time the boots are topped with bandanna-like detailing.

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The next looks continue with deconstructed denim, interesting cut-out placement, accessories, headwear, and denim treatments. Is this just a rehash of the 90s denim craze or is it something new?

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Suave tailoring

Although some traditional Chinese tailoring looks were seen on the runway this season, we also saw a modern take on that tailoring with this white suit example. Then, there were more traditional blazer cuts for men with baggy trousers as has been in fashion lately in London, Paris, and beyond. Some other tailoring looks again look to the past the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Double-breasted suits and plaid seem to be in, but also a new cut on the single-breasted suit.

Take a look at these varied examples seen on the runway.

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The guests

What the runway guest wore—mostly more traditional tailoring cuts—may be more telling of what’s ‘in’ now, but these adventurous runway looks may wind their way into mainstream fashion before long. Which of these looks was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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Did you love any of these looks?

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