Two elegant events happened recently in Canada this fashion season: 2019 Juno Award in London, Ontario and South Asian Fashion Week in Vancouver, British Columbia. These events are on either side of the country, approximately 2,600 miles apart (or just under a five-hour flight or a forty-hour road trip), but they have elegant dress in common. Let’s take at Canadian couture: what are the hot style trends this season?

Black dresses

At the Juno Awards, which is a music awards ceremony where awards are presented to Canadian musical artists, many women opted for the classic black dress.

Singer Sarah McLachlan who is known from her 1990s fame, wore an elegant black dress with cut-out detailing, edged in glitter. She opted for a two-strap heel and classic curls. The dress has a daring split up the leg.

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Pop and jazz songwriter Molly Johnson also wore a cut-out black dress with a plunging neckline. She accessorised with a Chinese-inspired colourful scarf.

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Kaia Kater, a Grenadian/Canadian banjo player and songwriter, wore a black off-the-shoulder midi-dress with blue/green leather flats. The dress had a fold-down collar and gold detailing.

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Popular country music singer Meghan Patrick wore a leather and sheer tulle dress with a mini-dress bodice. She wore her hair pulled up to show off her tulle shoulder strap details.

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Here are some other black-dress looks from Tessa Virtue and Laila Biali.

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Classic tailoring

Not too farfetched in the tailoring department, many men at the Juno awards also played it safe. Many erred on the side of caution with classic blue suits such as David Foster, Jim Treliving, and Exco Levi.

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Others like Andy Milne of Dapp Theory were more adventurous with the recently fashionable coloured velvet tux—this time in rich burgundy. Tyler Shaw showed up in this look too, but this time in green velvet.

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Simu Liu and Johnny Orlando were more adventurous still with Simu in a bright pastel pink blazer with floral shirt underneath and Johnny in a stylish subtle patterned light burgundy suit.

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Gorgeous ballgowns

At the Falguni and Shane Peacock fashion show during South Asian Fashion Week at Plaza of Nations, models walked down the runway in saree-inspired ballgowns: pastel colours, rhinestones, sparkles, cropped tops, and saree shawls. Some were a modern take on the saree and others were more traditional designs. Take a look at some of the lovely gowns.

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Did these Canadian styles influence your next look?

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