Colours such as 2018, up to now, med grey and light grey plus suiting and tweeds are currently functioning nicely, along with mid blue suiting with textures from cloths like a Bird’s Eye, Pick on pick. herringbone and basketweave we do not have any constraints, with over 3000 cloths available?  a suit is essential. We’ve got a few places throughout the UK in case you’re up north in Belfast and also across the water in Birmingham, when wearing a contrasting waistcoat, we’d advise fitting cashmere or a tweed or pure-wool using a hint of colour, as this will help to match your suit colour, such as the navy check, Midnight blue, slate grey or light to mid grey flannel.

Booking in is simply choose the very best time to get a fashion consultation and please click on the Book in now. In case you’re unable to find what you’re looking for: email this along with an image and we will be happy to assist you. So far this season we’ve been designing some amazing contrasting waistcoats in cashmere or tweeds with contrasting twists as noticed above magnificent or fitting bow-ties and fabric ties. With bespoke it’s all about the small details from getting your wedding date embroidered within your suit or below the collar this may be done in several colours, we’ll direct you through each step of the procedure, if your after something amazing for your wedding get in earlier rather than later, our deadline is 12 weeks for cutting plus a couple of weeks for fittings this could take a bit longer when sourcing cloth from various mills.

Perfection takes time to let us have the time it will be worth it in the end. Here light cashmere with contrasting check waistcoat, single breasted 2 buttons two-piece suit worn with contrasting waistcoats allowing the check to be classy and too daring dog tooth and Puppy tooth designs work.


A Hand Tailored Suit, the tailoring company offering you a slice of London’s Savile Row for a cut of the cost. Bespoke custom clothing for Men, Women & Children, we offer only the finest of cloths from only the finest of cloth merchants from around the world. Call us in the UK 0121 368 1052/Our UK studio’s in Belfast and Birmingham, click here to contact us.

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