BESPOKE EVENING WEAR by A Hand Tailored Suit

1/ What color and style would you have if you can?
2/ Which lapel or design of collar would you choice? peaked or notched lapel or a contrasting collar? We can create this wider or slimmer?
3/ We’ve got so many alternatives available,  let us produce your ideal #bespoke #Outfit.

4/ Would You Prefer Wool & Silk or a Velvet or Pure Cashmere Tuxedo ?

5/ Would you prefer a two button fastening or a one button style?

Select from a number of the cloths from among the best cloth retailers from all over the world. We require an hour of the time? Each detail is taken down by us, be it pockets to jetting to lapel design and width and your own button positioning would you like a lapel that is wider or slimmer? Exactly how many buttons would you choose? or would we be cutting you a double breasted coat or single breasted? Your custom bespoke evening wear is your show stopper, being worn a couple of times a year.  Telephone us on  0121 368 1052  available on request.