What style are you wearing for your wedding?

Congratulations! You are engaged and soon to be married. While your venue may have been decided upon, the flowers and the cake are also selected (and no doubts if the bride(s) is wearing a wedding dress that she has already bought); but what about you and your suit? While you are sure that you a wearing a suit, will it be a two piece or three piece suit? What type of style are you looking to wear? Would you prefer a traditional or modern look for your wedding day? There are many questions, but here we would like to present a selection of answers to help you plan and cherish the personal suiting details of your wedding day. Welcome to the A Hand Tailored Suit Wedding Blog Part 1 (of 5) – What are you wearing on your big day?

Option 1 – 1920’s Great Gatsby Style
Perhaps the most classic and instantly recognisable suit is the two piece evening suit add a waistcoat and go for the great gatsby look! This consists of a bespoke evening jacket with satin or silk covered lapels buttons and jetting around the pockets worn with a bowtie, tailored trousers with satin or silk side seam on the trouser legs,  bespoke crisp white shirt worn with matching pocket square, either a six button single breasted waistcoat or a low cut four button waist,  this is a very elegant look. While traditionally popular with males, the two piece suit has seen a following with females and can be worn by both for their respective wedding days.


Option 2 – Peaky Blinders Style
A very masculine style as seen below, in a mid grey herringbone tweed with wide peaked lapels which broadens the chest highlighting a thin waist. The matching trousers are high waisted pleated trousers with matching six button single breasted tweed waistcoat. Bespoke detachable collar, the shirt in sky blue with contrasting white collar and cuffs, worn very well with tweed newsboy cap. This style is perfect for a winter wedding.

Option 3 – Boho Glam 
Bespoke, Custom waistcoat worn with fitted shirt, open neck or bowtie even a thin tie, contrasting trousers with braces using natural colors. hippie influences with a pop of color.

Option 4  Bow Inspired 
A very fashionable style, its all about the pop of color with your bowtie as seen below, try and keep it limited to three or four colors maxim, textures or patterns in the bowtie are a must.


Option 5 – Contrasting Waistcoats. 
Of course you can personalise any of the suiting options down to every last detail (such as the option of single or double breasted waistcoat style)  in either cashmere or tweed or any cloth you would like,  even changing just the lapel on the waistcoat as seen below and keeping the main body in a different color or to match trousers. It is your special day to wear what you want – so of course you will want this to be special to you. Maybe you would like to wear sneakers for a laid-back affair or have a polka-dot pair of tailored trousers to reflect your personality on your day – the choice is yours, there is no limit to what style or color your after. A nice little touch is to have the waistcoat made in the same cloth on the front and back allowing you to wear this again after your wedding with jeans or chinos.


Option 6 – Vintage Tweed

We can custom make you a two piece or a three piece tweed suit either with matching bowtie or necktie, we have a vast array of colors and patterns available in tweed, from the likes of donegal tweed to yorkshire tweed, in greens, beige, browns, greys, navy’s, blues, available in Herringbones, glen check windowpane, speckled. with over 3000 cloths available you should be able to find what your searching for.



Now that you have decided on what to wear, how long will it take to be created and fitted to you perfectly? Click here to read The Timeline of Bespoke Tailoring.


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