What We Do...

We are a custom bespoke tailoring company we cut from only the finest of cloth, from only the finest of cloth merchant, a hand tailored suit gives you complete control over how your finished garment will look & feel, with a little help from us of course. Please explore our site and  if requiring sartorial support simply give us a call.

Custom Made

All of our garments are individually designed and hand cut from your unique paper pattern & archived with your body measurements for future use. A bespoke custom made garment is the ultimate experience in luxury & fit. With over 290 stitching operations and 35 cutting steps in each suit alone.


Birmingham 0121 368 1052
Belfast 028 956 80181
(Free Phone 0800 0148149)

Cutting Times

Option 1 ). Our standard cutting time is 8 weeks, depending on the time of the year. Make sure you plan more time during wedding season.
*T&C's Apply.
Option 2). We offer a fast track 4 week (chargeable) cutting service, moving you to the front of the cutting queue if cutting time allows.

Appointment Booking

We offer a dedicated private appointment system in studio & during our tailoring visits. Simply book online or Call the team. For a no hassle free consultation (a chat and a coffee) to see if we can help.


We are supplied by only the finest of cloth merchants from around the world, with over 3000 cloths available from renowned mills such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis  Canonico, Dugdale Brothers, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Harrisons of Edinburgh & Cerruti 1881 and many more...

We Cut For

Both Men & Women in all sizes big & small, we offer custom Suiting, custom Shirting and custom Casual attire such as Jeans & Chinos.

What Our Clients Say

Here is what some of our valued clients are saying about us....
Dhiraj Ranpara

Dhiraj Ranpara

Good experience and friendly service

I was looking for a wedding suit for my nephew's big event in a very short time and just happened to meet Jonathan who listened to my requirement and came up with a perfect solution. I ordered two suits and were ready well within the time. Fantastic service, vast choice of material and reasonable prices. Jonathan is quite versatile on all the cultures hence better understanding of his customers. I am now sold on the idea of hand tailored suits as the fitting is perfect compared with off the shelves ones. Good experience and friendly service.

James Beck

James Beck

A true Red Letter day experience

A true Red Letter day experience, Jonathan has a huge range of fabrics and products for all tastes and is expanding all the time. A great fit every time combined with extra touches other tailors would make you pay for. Make an appointment for a consultation with Jonathan, you won't regret it. Highly recommended :-)

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips

Highly recommended with great communication

Highly recommended with great communication. Ordered wedding suits with him. I felt like I was the most important person. Everything was to my detail. Mr Haynes went through all the fabric and cloths. I put my whole trust and faith into him and he defiantly delivered.

Desmond Purpleson

Desmond Purpleson


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Parsley Pepperspray

Marketing Specialist

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Desmond Eagle

Graphic Designer

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